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You Can Own Your Own Monolith!


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Ten reasons why everyone needs a Monolith!

1) If you clear your mind & focus on your Monolith for 60 seconds… you will be twice as smart tomorrow as you were yesterday!
2) If you position your Monolith properly on your front lawn it will keep your neighbors off the grass.
3) If you position Your Monolith close to “Alexa” You can ask any question you can think of!
Are you feeling any smarter yet?
4) All of our Monoliths are imported into the USA by Undocumented Aliens.
5) Your Monolith is Powered by Hydrogen & Oxygen with a little help from Element 15 for unlimited energy
6) You can get early warnings of incoming Asteroids & if its a “Direct Hit” you can get “Netflix Free for Life”
7) If you bought one of those”Robots” to clean your home& after a couple of weeks “she”
says she wants to see other people…. you should have known better.
8) You can travel between the 3rd & 5th Dimension if you slam on Anti-Gravity Brakes at just the right time.
9) If you position monolith close to “Alexa” You can ask any question you can think of!
Are you feeling any smarter yet?
10) If you are brave enough you can light up a victory cigar with a Spaced Based Laser.
10) Watch Your Monolith “Morph” as your get closer to it!

resurrection MONOLITH

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Note the white field around the UFO. Is this a peek into the Fourth Dimension? What do you see?

Pentagon UFO Report due in May or June 2021!!!

What will it say???

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